Frequently Asked Questions

1) FAQ Wine Tours
2) FAQ Cooking Classes


What is the average duration of a cellar tasting?

The average duration of our tastings is about 2 hours. We want to ensure that we provide a complete and fulfilling experience, where you have the time to discover our wines at a relaxed pace.

What is the cost of a tasting?

The cost of a tasting is 45.00 euros per person.

Do you also offer tours in other languages?

Yes, we offer tours in both Italian and English. We are pleased to welcome guests of different nationalities and provide them with a fully understandable and engaging experience. In case it is necessary, the group can also bring a translator to facilitate communication during the tour. We strive to provide quality service to all our visitors, regardless of the language spoken.

What exactly is included in the tasting experience?

The tasting experience includes a cellar tour, a pleasant walk through the vineyards, and exploration of our caves where we produce our Metodo Classico. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to taste a selection of 4 wines accompanied by delicious cured meats and typical cheeses from our region. It is a chance to fully immerse yourself in our wine culture.

Which wines will be included in the tasting?

The tasting includes a selection of 4 wines. The choice of wines will depend on the availability in the cellar. Sometimes we may not have the Metodo Classico or Pourriture Noble available, as they are produced in limited quantities. However, rest assured that you will be highly satisfied with the wines we have available for you to taste.

Is advance booking required to participate in a tasting?

To ensure optimal organization, we only accept reservations for tastings. This allows us to best prepare the experience for you and your group.

What are the opening hours for tastings?

We organize two tours per day, but the hours vary depending on the season and availability. We invite you to contact us for more information on our current hours and to reserve your spot.

Can I purchase bottles of wine after the tasting?

Absolutely! At the end of our tastings, you will have the opportunity to purchase bottles of our wines at our on-site shop within the cellar. If desired, we can arrange for wine shipping directly to your home. We offer shipping services internationally as well, including Europe and the United States, where permitted by national laws. We are happy to provide this convenience to ensure you can enjoy our wines wherever you are.

In case of allergies and dietary restrictions, what should I do? 

In our traditional tasting, we offer a selection of cured meats and cheeses. However, we are able to arrange vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options as well. It is important to inform us of your dietary preferences at the time of booking, so we can provide you with a tailored experience.

What is the minimum number of guests for a tasting?

The minimum number of guests for a tasting is 2 people.

Is it possible to arrange a private tour for a more intimate and personalized experience? 

Certainly! We can arrange an exclusive tasting just for you and your friends. Please email us at visit@decugnano.it to discuss the details and schedule that best suits your needs.

Can you accommodate a private tasting for a group of over 20 people? 

Certainly! Please email us at visit@decugnano.it to discuss the details and schedule that best suits your needs. We will be happy to organize a personalized tasting for your large group.

How can I get to Decugnano dei Barbi?

If you have a car, reaching us is very easy. We are located about 25 minutes from Orvieto. You can search for "Decugnano dei Barbi" on Google Maps or Apple Maps to find our exact location. Along the way, you will also find road signs that will guide you to the entrance gate of the cellar. 

If you do not have a car, we recommend taking a taxi to reach us. In Orvieto, there are several private transportation services available. Please email us, and we will be happy to connect you with local transportation services. The cost of transportation from Orvieto is approximately 50 euros per trip by car (up to 3 people) and 70 euros per trip by van (up to 8 people).

Can I bring people who will not participate in the tasting?

You can bring people who will not participate in the tasting. Please kindly inform us during the booking process so that we can best organize your visit.

Do you accept credit card payments or only cash?

We accept both cash and credit card payments, including American Express. Choose the payment option that is most convenient for you.

What is your cancellation policy?

We kindly ask for a minimum of 24 hours' notice for any cancellations. This allows us to adjust accordingly and provide the opportunity for other guests to participate in the tastings.

Are there age restrictions to participate in the tastings?

Tastings are open to all ages, including children. However, please note that only legal drinking age adults are allowed to taste our wines.

Can I request personalized tastings or themed tastings? 

Certainly! We are happy to accommodate your requests for personalized or themed tastings. Please contact us privately to discuss the details and arrange a tailored experience.

Can I bring my dog during the tasting?

Yes, dogs are welcome in our cellar. However, please notify us in advance if you will be bringing your dog, as we also have other dogs on our property. We will ensure that your visit is enjoyable for you and your four-legged friend.

Do you offer any other experiences besides tastings?

In addition to the traditional tasting, we also offer cooking classes where you can immerse yourself in the preparation of traditional dishes. It is a unique opportunity to experience the local cuisine and learn new recipes.

Do you also offer lunch with tastings?

We do not have a restaurant on-site at our cellar. However, we can offer you a light lunch to further enhance your visit. Our light lunch includes a delicious selection of cured meats and cheeses from our region, accompanied by a main course of roasted chicken and seasonal vegetables. Please inform us of any allergies or dietary restrictions so that we can accommodate your needs.



What is the average duration of a cooking class?

The average duration of our cooking classes is about 4 hours, including the time needed to prepare and enjoy the delicious lunch that will be prepared. We offer a comprehensive experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the culinary world.

What is the cost of a cooking class? 

The cost to participate in this exciting culinary experience is 150.00 euros per person for adults. If you have children who would like to participate in this experience, please contact us privately at visit@decugnano.it to request a quote and details.

What time do you usually schedule the cooking class?

The cooking class typically takes place in the late morning. If you need to arrange the class for a different time, please feel free to contact us privately.

What is included in the cooking class experience?

The cooking class experience includes a complete immersion in our cellar, a pleasant walk through the vineyards, and a visit to the fascinating caves where we produce our Metodo Classico. Additionally, you will enjoy an engaging cooking lesson led by our chef and conclude the experience with a special lunch, which will include a tasting of the dishes prepared during the class. It is a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of local cuisine and savor delicious dishes paired with our wines.

What dishes are prepared during the cooking class?

During the cooking class, you will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare four dishes, which may vary depending on the seasonality of ingredients. Generally, we will guide you in the preparation of a first and second course, as well as a tasty focaccia and delicious wine biscuits. These dishes represent our culinary tradition and will allow you to experience the authentic flavors of our region.

Do you offer gluten-free/dairy-free/vegetarian cooking class options?

Certainly! Upon advance request, we can arrange cooking classes with various options, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, or vegan menus. We are happy to accommodate your specific dietary needs.

Is there a participant limit for the cooking classes?

Unfortunately, our kitchen has limited capacity to ensure optimal engagement for all participants. Therefore, our cooking classes are open to a maximum of 7 people. This allows us to create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere where each participant can interact and learn in depth.